All our treatment costs are quite reasonably and affordably priced, especially considering our technology and procedures at par with global standards. Check out our estimate prices of dental treatment mentioned in a tabular format below.

Sr. No. Services Min. Cost Max. Cost
01 Consultation (assessment of dental and gum health status, assessment of jaw joints, pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions, smile assessment) 250
02 X-Ray (with latest digora phosphor plate computerised digital X-Ray) 300
03 Routine Dental Extraction 800
04 Tooth Coloured Cosmetic Composite Resin Filling 1200 2500
05 Post Obturation Restoration (post root canal filling) 1200 1500
06 Scaling (Cleaning & polishing) 1200 2000
07 Non Surgical Wisdom Tooth extraction 1250
08 Surgical Tooth Extraction 4500
09 Post & Core (Fibre Post) 1800 2000
10 Crowns and Bridges per unit (Metal, Ceramic, E-max, Zirconia) 3800 12000
11 Root Canal Treatment 4000 5000
12 Partial Dentures 3500 18000
13 Complete Dentures (Acrylic, Fibre Glass, Lucitone, Injection Moulded, BPS Dentures by a Specialist) 15000 55000
14 Bleaching (Teeth Whitening) 7000 onwards
15 Laminates 9000 12000
16 Periodontal Flap Surgery 4500 22000
17 Orthodontic Treatment (Metal, Ceramic) 30000 80000
18 Sinus Lifting with Bone Graft 35000
19 Implant with Crown 30000 38000


Welcome to Dental Sphere, a state of the art dental clinic in Pune, where we provide full spectrum of multi-specialty dental care and expertise for patients through extensive treatment procedures. Since 2001, we’re satisfactorily serving patients from Routine Dental Care, Child Dental Care, Orthodontic Treatment, Smile Makeovers, Root Canals and Dental Implants. Our ideology is to create a welcoming, relaxing environment where your family can look forward to each visit with us.

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