5 Tips Tooth Fairy wants you to remember for your Child’s Dental health!

April 18, 2019 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

Tooth fairy’s fondness for kids is no hidden secret, she continues to replace their lost baby tooth with a small reward. She is here to enlighten parents on how to nurture their child’s dental health. While you explore the dental tips for your kids, keep them engaged by clicking here and downloading a fun coloring sheet by Tooth fairy.

Do you know that the foundation for healthy, strong permanent teeth is laid down at a very early stage?

Greater awareness about oral well-being of kids of different stages is very important. Hence, never hesitate visiting trusted pediatric dental clinic in Pune that can help you feel relieved about your toddler’s dental issues.

Here are some tips by tooth fairy that concerned parents like you may like to consider for your child’s dental care.

  • Tooth Fairy Tip 1
    Don’t overlook cavities in baby teeth As per a dental report, one out of every 10 2-year-olds are suffering from tooth decay. This is an issue that needs to be addressed. While many parents are of the belief that cavity affected baby tooth doesn’t need much attention as its replaced by permanent teeth, dentists beg to differ from this notion. As per the child dentist in Pune untreated cavities in baby teeth can affect roots and may even cause infection or gum disease later on. So, why take a risk? Consult a child dentist and let your child enjoy a healthy dental life.
  • Tooth Fairy Tip 2
    Pacifier habit is not actually bothersome –
    It is absolutely fine for toddlers below the age of two to use thumb, finger or a pacifier for self-soothing. It has been widely observed that as a child grows he gives up the pacifier habit naturally. So, you don’t really have to worry about your toddler’s pacifier habit. However, if a child continues with thumb-sucking or soothing habit for a longer period like past the age of four, then your dentist can suggest you to encourage your kid to quit the habit as it’s not a healthy sign of a growing child.
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  • Tooth Fairy Tip 3
    Sealants are really helpful –
    Sealants are thin, protective layers that are applied on teeth to protect them from cavity. While brushing teeth regularly is most important, application of dental sealants acts as additional protection against the development of cavity. It should be done twice a year.  Dentists all across the dental fraternity including pediatric dentist in Pune recommend sealants as the safest and effective measure for preventing cavity problems amongst children.
  • Tooth Fairy Tip 4
    Calcium in milk contributes to good dental health –
    Milk is not directly related to dental health. It is the presence of calcium in milk that practically helps in boosting dental health. Calcium serves as the building block for stronger teeth and bones. So, if your child doesn’t like milk or is allergic to dairy products then you can consider opting for several other calcium-rich, non-dairy foods like nuts, beans, canned fish, soymilk, orange juice etc.
  • Tooth Fairy Tip 5
    Inculcate right brushing habits –
    Inculcate the habit of brushing your tooth twice daily. Select child-sized toothbrush with soft bristles that are gentle on your kids teeth. You can use pea-sized, fluoride toothpaste that can help keep cavity problems at bay. Most importantly make sure you supervise your kids and help them with their brushing until they are big enough to do it independently.

Brushing Habits For Kids

Apart from the above mentioned dental care issues, there is one important point that you must give attention to – Never hesitate to consult a pediatric dentist for your kids. There are few child dentists in Pune like Dental Sphere that are highly recommended for child dental health.

Your little efforts towards your kid’s dental care will ensure your child’s bright smile never fades away!

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