Afraid of Root Canal Treatment? Don’t be

November 14, 2017 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

You are enjoying your favorite meal with your friends/family/a special someone, after a bite of that chunky tandoori, you start savoring it and suddenly – a sharp pain sears through a tooth you knew you were not paying attention to. Boom! All the feel-good-factor from your meal is replaced by that pain alone!!! You avoid the toothache for a few days. That’s what we all do – We neglect toothaches since we DO NOT want to go our dentist.

But as the days pass by, the pain becomes nagging; you need to take a painkiller to suppress the toothache. It creeps into all your work and daily activities. You arrive at the dentist’s clinic, and he tells you – I see some damage here and you probably need a root canal.

Those words, “You need a root canal”; and you start hyperventilating. Your friends and family have contributed enough to psych you about the whole root canal procedure. “Oh, it was so painful!”, or “Man that hurt like hell!”, or “I couldn’t eat properly for days and not enjoy my meals” are the common statements we hear about the “ever-feared” root canal treatment.

Why would you need a root canal procedure?

  • A Severe toothache
  • An infected tooth
  • Severe cavity
  • Decayed pulp in the tooth

Depending on your symptoms as mentioned above your dentist would advise you to get a root canal done. It is always best to save a tooth with the root canal procedure rather than extracting it. A dentist will save a tooth in all possible situations if it can be saved.

What exactly happens in a root canal treatment?

  1.  An x-ray of the tooth which is causing all the pain.
  2. The dentist will study the damage and look for the depth of infection/cavity/pulp decay.
  3. Give you a local anaesthesia injection in the gums near the tooth.
  4. Clean the tooth thoroughly with dental equipment. A tinie-tiny drill and some coarse flexible thumb-needles. (You will not feel any pain due to the local anaesthesia)
  5. Fill the cleaned tooth with a sealant.
  6. Finally, fix a crown over the sealed tooth.
  7. Will write you a prescription for medicines and some dos and don’ts.

Now the toothache won’t creep in ever again! At least not the tooth you just got a root canal procedure done for.

The team at Dental Sphere will take care of you and make your root canal treatment as painless and breezy as possible. Here’s how a root canal treatment is carried out. If you are afraid of a root canal procedure, then rest assured, with Dental Sphere; there’s nothing to worry.

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