What are the Causes of Toothache and their Symptoms?

February 28, 2017 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

Toothache is like getting a taste of hell. We have no other way of putting it. Whether you are experiencing a throbbing pain in or around your teeth or feel sharp pain even if you so much as nibble food, it is just unbearable and undesirable. The causes of toothache could be many and the only way you can get rid of the pain is by determining its cause by means of thorough dental examination.

Here are a few possible dental problems that might be responsible for causing toothache –

Symptom #1: Stabbing pain while eating/drinking; sensitivity to hot or cold food or liquids; bad breath; dark marks on the teeth.

Possible cause: Tooth Decay

Lapse in regular brushing and flossing is the real culprit that eventuates in tooth decay or what is also known as caries. Unbridled consumption of food and liquids that are high in sugar, carbohydrate, and acid content is also another reason for tooth decay.

Symptom #2: Pulsating, unrelenting, and intense pain; fever when abscess bursts, sensitivity to hot or cold food, sharp pain when eating or drinking

Possible cause: Tooth Infection

Tooth infection happens when the innermost tender part (also known as the pulp) of the tooth gets invaded by the bad guys – bacteria. The entry for bacteria is usually facilitated by a broken or chipped tooth, which pave the way for the bacteria to attack the root of the tooth. Poor oral hygiene and excessive consumption of sugar rich foods like sweets and soda are the culprits here.

Symptom #3: Gum Sensitivity

Possible cause: Gum Recession

Overzealous brushing of teeth or using hard bristled tooth brush increase the risk of gum recession. It occurs when the gums around the tooth recede, wear off, or detach thereby exposing the root surface of the teeth which result in sensitivity to cold, sour, and hot stimuli.

Symptom #4: Pain in jaw/jaw joint, sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli, facial pain, headaches, tooth wear.

Possible cause: Grinding

Though one of the common dental problems, grinding, also known as bruxism often times goes undetected as the sufferer himself/herself is unaware of it. Grinding occurs mostly due to sleep disorder like sleep apnea, neurological disorders, stress, anxiety, etc. Teeth grinding can cause loosening, fracturing, and in some cases loss of teeth.

Symptom #5: Discomfort when biting food, sensitivity to hot and cold stimuli

Possible cause: Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Cracked tooth syndrome commonly develops in teeth with large fillings or teeth that have gone through root canal treatment. However, improper bite and clenching can also lead to cracking.

Sometimes the cause of your toothache may have nothing to do with your tooth at all. How is that even possible? You’d ask. Sinusitis or sinus infection can be the reasons behind your persistent tooth quandary. So, then how do you know if the cause of your affliction is sinus? The surefire way of knowing this is nasal congestion and incessant pain in the back of eyes, face or sinuses.

Toothache despite sounding harrowing aren’t that worse as we imagine. It can become worse if one chooses to ignore the red flags and walks over coal (figuratively) till things get out of control for both, them and the dentist. This is why paying a visit to your dentist is super necessary so that the real cause of your toothache is ascertained and the requisite course of action is set in motion.

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