Dental Habits for a Healthy Mouth!


Dental Hygiene is of utmost importance because a good oral health has a lot of advantages. From building your self-confidence to a healthy smile it has numerous benefits. It can transform your visual appearance for the better and generate positivity.

However, very unknowingly we inculcate into habits which are injurious to our dental health. It does also mean to occasionally indulge in cheat foods but does not make it a habit.

 For starters, a routine dental examination at your dentist is necessary even when everything is fine with your teeth.

Below we give you some tips on ensuring a good dental health-

1. Rinsing your mouth

This one’s a pretty basic one which everyone can follow quite easily. Rinsing your mouth after every meal makes sure that food particles don’t get stuck in between your teeth. This is a very healthy habit as it makes sure that rinsing after every meal does not lead to cavities.

2. Putting a check on the diet

A haphazard diet is bad for your stomach but so is it bad for your teeth. One way to take care of your teeth is cutting down on sugary foods and drinks because a high quantity of acidic food leads to tooth decay.

3. Brushing your teeth at least twice a day

It is important that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, in the morning and second before going to bed. While it is understood to brush your teeth in the morning a night time routine is also important. Why? In the night the flow of your saliva which is the mouth’s cleaning system slows down. This process can lead to an increase in mouth decay and brushing can act as a preventive measure.

4. Using a correct toothbrush

A correct toothbrush is of utmost importance as the bristles on it help remove the waste. If the bristles are of a poor quality they will hardly do their job of keeping your mouth healthy. Also always change your toothbrush from time to time, preferably every 3 months.

5. Soak in the sun!

Yes, regular exposure to the sun ensures dosage of Vitamin D, helping to keep both your teeth and your gums strong.

6. Don’t ignore the tongue

It’s not just your teeth plaque and bacteria can gather on your tongue too. Cleaning the surface of your tongue daily is the key to good dental health. Not only it keeps your mouth healthy but also prevents bad breath.

7. Chew your food

Do you ever remember your parents telling you that don’t talk while having your food?  Yes, there is a reason for that, talking or doing any other kind of activity while eating affects the process of chewing. Food should be chewed in the right manner so that it reduces the effects of acids from food which can have on your teeth.

8. Lastly, think about your appearance

Here we are not talking about the physical appearance but being presentable. You maintain great oral hygiene but still wish to upgrade your dental health you can always go for cosmetic surgery. A cosmetic dentist can give you the much-needed makeover and help restore your confidence back. There are various dental clinics in Pune to give you a variety of treatments to help you get back that winning smile.

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