Dental Implant – A Way to Overcome Bone Loss Due to Missing Teeth


Recently, a 33-year-old male landed at the clinic with an uneven and misaligned front row of teeth. After we conducted a complete mouth checkup, it came to our notice that 2 months back, the patient had a posterior tooth removed, but had not gotten it replaced. Apparently, a missing front tooth cannot be concealed and hence gets immediate attention but a back tooth is easily ignored. So why is replacing a missing tooth important? Let’s find out.

Many people are affected by missing teeth or even a single missing tooth. The teeth not only serve important functions of the body such as chewing food, regulating the speech, protecting your tongue and supporting your jaw, it also holds tremendous aesthetic value being a prominent feature of your face. A good set of teeth adds layers to your beauty when you smile confidently displaying a perfect 32. A bad set, such as the one with missing teeth, can make you look old and rather ugly. You cannot smile or laugh confidently with a gap in your teeth adding a comic twist. Apart from the cosmetic issues, there are various functional issues that come with a gone tooth. Dental Sphere, one of the best dental clinic in Pune, brings to you a report on how missing tooth can lead to bone loss and how you can overcome it.

Bone loss due to teeth gap

A missing tooth creates an unnatural gap between the adjacent teeth. These teeth, which are otherwise placed closely in order to support each other suddenly find a void which pulls back their support on one side. As a result, the adjacent teeth which get a freeway, try to fill in the gap and threaten to become feeble. There is also a loss of alveolar bone which is a bone surrounding your teeth. Since the bone does not receive enough stimulation owing to the loss of teeth, they also start losing the adjoining teeth.

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Dental Implants

If you want to replace a single missing back tooth, go for a single-tooth implant. A dental implant involves replacing the root of the tooth and attaching a crown in place of the original tooth. The dental implant is usually made of biocompatible titanium which is the hardest metal on earth. This metal can naturally osseointegrate or fuse with the jawbone. The crown, which is attached to the dental implant, functions like a natural tooth, in fact, even better. Additionally, the crown is even replaceable, which makes it a safe and reversible treatment.

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How Dental Implants Can Stop Bone Loss

Traditionally, missing teeth were replaced using dental bridges or removable dentures but neither of these options worked against bone loss. The only way to counter bone loss, hence, is by using a dental implant. Osseointegrated dental implants integrated into the jaw-bone serve both as anchors to support teeth and as one of the better preventive maintenance procedures in dentistry. A dental implant preserves the jaw bone. The alveolar bone supporting your teeth needs stimulation to stay healthy. An implant-supported tooth allows for the normal functioning of the whole stomatognathic system which includes the nerves, muscles and jaw joints. Dental implants fuse to the bone, stabilizing and stimulating it to maintain its dimension and density. Other benefits include improved diet, significant improvement in eating patterns and improved social life.

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