Dental Implants to Replace Loose Dentures

March 28, 2018 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

Majority of people don’t give their teeth the importance it deserves, except when they have a bad toothache! So, over time, they end up losing a tooth or two. Out of those who have lost a few, many vouch for dentures to replace the missing tooth. However, in cases where the dentures are not fitting properly, they face the risk of causing further damage to the gums and jawbone! It also becomes a pain chewing with loose dentures, and there is always a chance of food getting inside the dentures, in which case you become prone to gum disease. Also irritation and cuts are not uncommon when dentures don’t fit properly. There is also an increased risk of bone loss when you wear loose dentures.

Dental implants retained dentures

Dental adhesives are often suggested to lessen the discomfort of loose dentures. But they can often be sticky, messy and unfit for the job. Having dental implant surgery is a lengthy process, but once you are over with it, you are usually settled for life, at least when it comes to the concerned tooth. The procedure includes the dentist drilling holes into your jawbone – inside which he places the implants. These implants are then left to slowly merge with the bone, forming a strong base for the replacement tooth. These implants last for a long time because in addition to replacing the tooth, they also go beyond and form a new root. The healing time for dental implants is also longer, usually from 3 to 6 months, post which the dentures are fitted securely to the abutments and you normally need 6 dental implants per arch until the new denture is secured in place.

When paired with dental implants, dentures become rooted and stabilized, successfully getting rid of all the problems associated with loose dentures. Dental implants also stop bone degeneration, helping to retain the strength and structure of the jaw.

Who needs dental implants the most

People who have a fully grown jawbone, have the right jawline structure to secure the implants, come with healthy oral tissues, don’t have bone related health problems to prevent bone healing, and is in a position to devote a few months for the healing process.

People who are unfit for dental implants

Low bone density is a reason that prevents dental implants and smokers will be asked to stop as smoking causes improper gum healing.

Option other than the traditional dental implant

Yes, people who are not suited for the traditional dental implant can opt for treatment with plate from implants and Subperiostea implants.

Plate from implants can be used when the person’s jawbone is too narrow and they are unfit for a bone graft, as the plate from implant is flat and elongated to enable it to fit into the narrow jawbone.

Subperiostea Implants

This is meant for those who have very thin or small jawbone. The Subperiostea implant is fitted when there is not enough space for a root implant or a plate from implant, as the implant sits on top of the bone but below the gums. Subperiostea implants are of two types – dual surgery and single surgery.

All on 4 dental implants

The All on 4 implant is a mini procedure that can be completed only for 1 day without the usual healing times with root form implants. The downside is that these mini implants will last for 15 years compared to the 30 plus years you can expect from root form implants.

There is good news for people who have been suffering from loose and ill-fitting dentures – dental implants could be the answer to restore your oral health and your happiness.

Whether it’s for a traditional dental implant, a Subperiostea implant, a dental check, a root canal, alignment of teeth, bleeding gums or any other periodontal disease treatment in Pune, you may visit our website or call us on +91-96-7325-6232 to know more.


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