Dentistry Myths – Busted

December 22, 2017 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

Dentistry is that field of medical science which is widely popular, but not as understood by the majority. The whole process of opening one’s mouth wide in front of a masked person with tools scares people and due to lack of research material, every myth passed on is believed as truth. Today, we bust 3 of the most popular myths about Dental Problems and Dental Treatments.

Myth 1

The Rinsing-

As Indians, we are conditioned to wash our mouths with water after brushing our teeth. However, fluoride, a natural mineral present in toothpaste is helpful for forming a shield around your teeth and strengthening them. Rinsing right after brushing would remove the helpful fluoride and not be as good for your teeth as you think. This might take a little getting used to, but try it.

Myth 2-

Brush After You Eat-

A lot of people are under the impression that brushing every time after a meal shall keep their teeth healthy and clean. This couldn’t be far from the truth. If you brush within an hour of having a meal, it would harm your tooth enamel and make your teeth weaker. When you are eating, your teeth are exposed to acid and get more prone to erosion and brushing would just make matters worse. We suggest you rinse your mouth with water thoroughly after a meal and chew sugarless gum that would enhance saliva. This way, after an hour, your saliva would harden the teeth back and you can brush carefree.

Myth 3-

The Diet Fizz Drinks-

Just because the diet fizz drinks don’t contain sugar, many people believe that they aren’t harmful. What people miss out on is that these drinks contain high levels of carbonic, phosphoric and critic acid which weaken the teeth and make them prone to cavity. If looking for refreshments, go with the natural drinks like sparkling water or basil water. You can also add a slice or two of cucumber to add freshness.

Now that these myths are busted, we also have tips for you to keep your whites shining and strong longer.


  1. Start dental care as young as possible.
  2. Brush your teeth before sleeping.
  3. Floss Daily.
  4. Keep Your Toothbrush Covered and change it thrice a year.
  5. Try using mouth guards while playing sports.

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