5 Easy Ways to Avoid and Fix Common Dental Problems

February 16, 2017 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

It’s time folks that we start looking at our teeth as living beings. Like us, they too have blood vessels, live tissues, and nerves; it’s like we have living things living inside us while we live! That’s equal parts amazing and troubling. Just like how you have to look after your needs and take good care of your whole being, your teeth too requires specific looking after, like you know brushing them, flossing them, and getting them examined from a human who has dental leanings, dentist we mean.

Okay, some of us are particular about our teeth, we tend to our teeth, and do all the aforementioned things to keep them healthy and nice and yet we face problems. But you don’t have to feel bad about it, as it’s totally normal, and you can turn everything back into shipshape and shiny by learning to spot the little red flags your teeth show you and taking yourself to a dental clinic. As simple as that.

So let’s get started on how to avoid and fix common dental problems –

Dental Problem #1: Dry Mouth

Lack of saliva results in dry mouth and the causes of it can be many but the commonly known reasons are smoking, old age, and prescription medicines. First of all, we must understand the significance of our saliva. So apart from maintaining moisture in our mouth and serving as an overall lubricant for it, saliva possesses anti-bacterial properties that help to combat plaque and help in keeping cavity causing bacteria at bay. Inability of the mouth to produce saliva can lead to a slew of problems including buildup of bacteria, bad breath, chapped lips, and increased friction between teeth.


For older patients, stopping the consumption of prescription medicines that cause dry mouth isn’t really a solution. While they can drink more water to keep the mouth from feeling dehydrated, however this alone isn’t enough. In this case, we recommend patients to pay a visit to their dentist and seek solutions to moisten their mouths.

Dental Problem #2: Tooth Decay

The antiquated foe of all the human-kind, tooth decay can happen to anyone at any time at any age. Tooth decay equals to bacteria buildup which equals to cavities. So in short, we must take all precautions necessary to ensure that the acid that eats away at the protective enamel of the teeth.


While getting rid of decayed tooth may sound like a convenient option to many, but that isn’t something that your dentist will consider in the first place (well not unless he/she senses that it is beyond reparation). In this case, it is important to tend to your teeth when you see the early signs. Your dentist will suggest you ways befitting to your problem, which goes without saying needs to be followed religiously. Curbing cavity causing intake and adopting healthy eating habits pay off in the long run. Of course regular brushing and flossing need to become the unbreakable ritual.

Dental Problem #3: Gum Disease

Also known as periodontitis, gum disease is another dental ailment that plagues many. Gum disease is, again caused by plaque buildup, which if not treated timely can wreak havoc on the overall oral health.


Gum disease necessitates visiting dental clinic as no amount of home remedies can completely cure the problem. It’s more often than not the lapse in maintaining dental hygiene that paves the way for bacteria accumulation which causes the gums to get infected, swollen, and in serious cases bleed. The solution here is again, chalking out a dental regime and sticking to it.

Dental Problem #4: Tooth Infection

Tooth infection aka abscessed tooth occurs when the pulp of the tooth loses its vitality and becomes susceptible to bacterial attack thereby resulting in pus.


If left untended, tooth infections can go on to take an uglier form, known as root infection. The only solution for this severe case is a root canal treatment, which has a notoriety of being painful and time-consuming, but going to your dentist will put to rest many such misconceptions people have about this treatment.

Dental Problem #5: Tooth Enamel Erosion

Tooth enamel erosion or enamel degradation mostly happens due to inordinate consumption of sugary aerated drinks, snacks, and wines. Over-enthusiastic brushing of teeth can also lead teeth to lose its enamel.


In this case, ‘prevention is better than cure’. While your dentist will prescribe you ways that will help you treat your eroded enamel, you must know that there is no way you can completely reverse the effects. The real solution here is to restrict your sugary consumption and opt for healthy alternatives in its stead.

Remember when it comes to taking care of your teeth, you can’t take short cuts. Be vigilant, brush and floss your teeth regularly, and don’t procrastinate seeing your dentist!

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