Green Tea Benefits for Your Teeth

October 6, 2017 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

Everyone commonly knows the benefits of green tea. That it is great for weight loss, great for pushing the anti-oxidants out of the body and numerous other benefits.

But do you know that apart from that they are very useful for your teeth also? Along with a consistent dental care if you include green tea in your intake it can have numerous benefits.

Green tea not just tastes great but it is good for your overall dental health also. It is rich in lot of anti-oxidants

1. Say Bye to Cavities

Green tea reduces the acidic levels in your saliva and also effectively controls plaque formation. So it is good for keeping cavities at bay. Also, since green tea is made devoid of sugar it is a natural ingredient to protect from the cavities.

2. Prevents oral cancer

As green tea is rich in anti-oxidants, it protects your mouth from cellular damage or for that matter those people who have precancerous lesions it can reduce the impact of oral cancer.

3. Maintains good breath

Green tea is also helpful in maintaining good breath, as drinking it can kill the microbes and helps you maintain good and fresh breath. The level of odor emanating compounds can significantly reduce if you consume green tea.

4. Prevents gum diseases

Drinking green tea on a regular basis prevents various gum diseases. This is because green tea has some very strong anti-inflammatory properties which will keep your gums protected from various ulcers and similar other diseases. Periodontists is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults and so to combat the disease and help give you a healthy smile regularly drinking green tea can help prevent it. There are of course periodontal treatments also available to treat tooth problems.

5. Less tooth loss

Drinking green tea prevents gum diseases and prevents in cavities, it also helpful for less tooth loss, People who have green tea daily report less tooth loss.

Overall green tea is very helpful in maintaining good dental health. However, it should be noted that only drinking green tea will not do the job. It is only one of the means to maintain healthy dental health and not the only means.

If any serious problem persists you should immediately visit your dentist. Also, along with including green tea in your diet you should regularly brush your teeth, have less sweet and regularly rinse your mouth.

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