Headache – Go to the Dentist It Could Be Your Teeth

January 11, 2017 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

Headaches! Boy, they have their own ways to make one uneasy! The unstoppable pounding pain can make one feel as if their brain is being treaded on by thousands of armored soldiers. Some lucky mortals who don’t experience headache often may laugh at this hyperbole but ask those who suffer this affliction and they will have their own ways of describing their pain.

But why are we talking about headaches? Don’t we always discuss about dental ailments or topics that involve oral health? Yes, but what if we told you that your headache could be a result of dental stress? We know, our bodies bamboozle us. But our body parts are connected in a way that we cannot imagine and this connection between headache and teeth is one of them. So let’s get down to the brass tacks now and understand how two seemingly unconnected body parts can wield so much influence on each other’s functioning.

Demystifying the Connection between Headache and Teeth

As we all know by now that our body is a complex mesh of muscles and scary looking formations called organs, which despite their structure, function to the best of their abilities given that there is no problem in them or their surrounding areas. Every time we take a bite of our favorite food, our upper and lower teeth come together smoothly yet firmly. However, those with misaligned teeth or with the missing tooth, aren’t able to complete their bite properly, meaning their upper and lower teeth do not close along the curve of the jaw, causing the muscles that connect both the jaw and head to work extra hard to bring the teeth together. It is this very overworking of the muscles that cause the headache.

All our body functions happen because of the joint efforts of our muscles. From the muscles in the cheek to the neck muscles, all of them work in close collaboration with each other so that the head sits firmly on top of the spinal column. However, when a muscle falls short of its efforts, other muscles, in order to prevent the head from tilting work harder to keep the balance intact.

There are two things to be learned here –

  • A problem in a single muscle can affect all those areas that is connected with it – like neck, shoulders, and back
  • Because of the complex relationship shared by muscles, pain felt in an area differs from the place from where it arises

Does This Mean I Need to Visit Dental Clinic?

Yes. It goes without saying. An expert dentist would carefully examine not only your teeth but would also check for irregularities such as tenderness or soreness in shoulders or neck to ascertain the source of the pain. Inadequate supply of minerals, sports trauma, teeth grinding, etc. can further contribute to headaches. In that cases, your dentist may ask you to use splint that will help your jaw to perform its functions normally.

If case of misalignment, your dentist will recommend braces which will help close your bite evenly and fix the position of the jaw. Likewise, if you are missing a tooth, your dentist will suggest you go for the dental implant, bridgework, etc. depending on the requirement of the problem.

Emotional stress can also be a factor contributing to headache stemming from dental maladies. In such cases, it is necessary to see a counselor and seek help for stress emanating from emotional issues.

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