5 Health Benefits of Saliva

January 25, 2018 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

Despite being frowned up and considered unhygienic, the human saliva is good for health, beauty and general well being of the human body.  In this article, we discuss the health benefits of Human Saliva and its uses.

Health Benefits-

 1. Healing- The human saliva can be used as a powerful cleanser and sanitizer for the skin along with healing and nourishing it. This is the reason the wounds in the mouth get healed the fastest. In fact, in many cultures, it is a common practice to apply saliva on external wounds to heal them faster. The same practice can be observed in animals.

 2. Clean Mouth- The saliva helps in keeping the teeth and mouth free of any bacteria or viruses that enter through food water or air by physically destroying or cleaning them, hence keeping the mouth and teeth in good condition.

 3. Protection- Most of the foods and drinks we consume these days have acidic content and saliva helps in neutralizing it and keep the soft tissues, teeth and gums safe. Saliva if swallowed also results in forming a protective shield around the esophagus against harmful irritants which in turn prevents heartburn.

 4. Plaque- Just like good bacteria and bad bacteria, there is a healthy plaque and unhealthy plaque. The immune proteins called pellicle present in saliva form a protective coat around the teeth which further helps in swift disposal of bacteria and also protecting the teeth against the demineralization caused by acids.

 5. Digestion- Saliva is responsible for balancing the pH levels of the mouth, which enhances the flavour of solid and liquid food, while also breaking down the food by the time it reaches the intestines for further digestion.


Human Saliva can be used as a natural ointment for external wounds, a cure for pimples, acne or marks on the face, boils that occur during summers and also for lubricating eyes. For more information on how to ensure your saliva, visit the best dentists in Pune and to book appointments please call us @020-2427-4555 or write to us at care@dentalsphere.in.

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