Is Chocolate Bad for Your Teeth?

August 19, 2017 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

Unwrapping that dairy milk wrapper and enjoying the sweet chocolaty taste in your mouth sure is heaven. But that heavenly feeling is temporary and the damage to your mouth permanent.

Yes, we all know that chocolate can have harmful effects on your teeth. But in spite of that, you cannot stop yourself from having that sweet liquid. And what’s even more tempting is that it comes in a variety of different flavours. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate are all the different kinds of chocolate available.

While there is no harm in eating some quantity of chocolate and it does have some health benefits, the cons far outweigh them. You have to be extremely cautious while eating any sugar related foods as they can immediately impact your dental health. Then be ready to visit your dentist frequently to get those cavities filled.

What are the pros of eating chocolates?

Chocolate releases endorphins. They are the hormones which are designed to help us feel good and happy.

  • Good for heart and circulation.
  • Reduces stress
  • Powerful source of anti-oxidants

However, it has the reverse effects on your teeth if not eaten in moderation.

As mentioned above there are three types of chocolates which are commonly available.

Milk, dark and white.

Milk chocolate is one of the most widely consumed chocolate and most popular. Unfortunately, it contains high sugar content and is not so great for your teeth. The high sugar content can cause cavities, tooth decay, and tooth pain.

Dark chocolate is comparatively a better choice when it comes to consuming your favourite chocolate and keeping yourself away from the ill-effects. Dark Chocolate contains polyphenols which fight the overgrowth of bacteria and other organisms in the mouth. So a moderate amount of dark chocolate is not a bad idea.

White chocolate doesn’t contain chocolate solids i.e. the cocoa powder. It is of coco butter, milk solids and sugar. However, the high amount of sugar can be a dampener for your teeth.

So is chocolate bad for your teeth?

Consuming chocolates in a limited amount is okay provided you keep your mouth immediately clean after eating it. Excessive consumption can lead to many dental problems. For e.g.-erosion of teeth, destruction of the tooth’s enamel, worse it can lead to the dwindling of the teeth. Of course, there are various treatments available to prevent tooth decay such as root canal treatment, teeth whitening treatment.

So the bigger picture is no one’s stopping you from having your favourite chocolate provided you do it in moderation and do not binge on it. Also, be very particular about keeping your teeth healthy and clean. Rinse immediately after eating chocolate else the sugar in the chocolate will remain in your mouth and turn it into acids eroding your tooth enamel. Visit your dentist regularly and keep in check your dental hygiene.

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