Tips for Preparing your Child for the First Dental Visit

December 21, 2019 by Dr. Shrenik Parmar0

Presuming your toddler gets to the dentist’s chair without any tantrum or bribery is no less than an elusive dream. Isn’t it?  Well, you are not the only one facing the crisis. Taking a toddler or a preschooler for the first dental check-up is a daunting task for many parents. However, let’s accept that your child’s discomfort and anxiety is quite natural. Seeing a stranger with all those poking and drilling instruments is definitely not a fun activity. So, how to go about it?

Here at Dental Sphere, we understand your issues and hence have come up with some tips that any child dentist in Pune will approve of. The enlisted suggestions might help you put your child at ease during their first pediatric dental care experience.

  • Read, Talk and Role-Play – The best way to prepare your toddler is to talk to them about the importance of oral hygiene and explain what to expect in the dental care visit. Use positive language to your sweetie and explain that a dentist will help him/her have stronger and healthier teeth. Reading picture books about dentist visits and encouraging your toddler to play “dentist toy games” with their stuffed teddies or dolls can also help to set the right background.
  • Early Exposure is Always Better: Schedule the first check-up as early as possible. Ideally, your child’s regular dental check-up must start at the age of two. All child dentists including a dentist in Pune are specialized professionals with training in child’s developing teeth, their behavior and other related child care requirements. So, with your little cooperation, the doctor will be able to do the check-up in the right manner.
  • Come Prepared and Plan a Treat: It is always better to carry along with you some toys and other distractions that will keep him/her engaged in the waiting room and even on the dentist’s chair.  Moreover, you can plan something exciting for them post-check up. Something as simple as a trip to a nearby playground or an ice-cream parlor can help your toddler stay focused in a positive way.
  • Stay Calm and Don’t Force Things: You need to be patient and take baby steps while inculcating good dental care habits. If your kid shows signs of resistance, don’t push them. Threats and stern attitude will increase their resistance in the long run. If your child is reluctant to follow the dentist’s instructions during the first visit, just stay relaxed as it might take two or three visits before the child “opens up”. It’s important to make the first checkup as comfortable as possible. This will avoid long term negative consequences and help your child adopt a positive outlook toward dental check-ups.
  • Adopt Positive Attitude Towards Dental Visits: It is no secret that your kids pick up many habits from you. So, if you are averse to dental checkups or have a careless approach towards oral hygiene, remember your kids are watching you. They will adopt the same attitude and then even the best pediatric dentist in Pune or elsewhere will not be able to help youBe positive and motivating.  Avoid sharing any negative or painful experience like how your tooth was extracted due to cavity.

At last, be your kiddo’s cheerleader, congratulate and support him/her with a statement like “Good job you are doing it perfectly!”

If you are planning to take your child for a dental check-up, try following the above-mentioned tips and see how it works. To ensure you get the services of the best dentist in Pune, we recommend you visit the Dental Sphere.  Our trained and specialized doctors will make your child’s first dental visit comfortable and encourage him/her to come for the next visit with a lot more enthusiasm.

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