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Is Teeth Scaling & Polishing Expensive?

Like all other parts of our body, teeth also naturally tend to deteriorate over time and need to be cleaned & maintained periodically. A soft layer of a mixture of food, bacteria & saliva known as plaque tends to form over our teeth over a period of time along with tartar deposits which will definitely result in bacteria growing near the gums leading to cavities and overall deterioration. This is the reason polishing and scaling of the teeth is extremely important. There are a few reputed dentists in Pune who offer these services.


Why should you replace old crown & bridges periodically?

Many patients often come to us with old crowns and bridges asking whether they need to get them replaced. Some of the crowns are a decade old even. Honestly, the answer to this question is subjective and varies from patient to patient. At Dental Sphere, the best dental clinic in Pune, we have treated a lot of patients who have gone decades without changing the crown without any pain or discomfort whatsoever. However, there have also been a few patients who have had to replace theirs within 6-7 years. Clinical evaluation and assessment are the only ways to know whether your crown or bridge needs a replacement.


Know How to Enhance your Smile & Oral Health with Cosmetic Dentistry

A beautiful smile is a valuable addition to a personality. Reflection of a positive outlook, a genuine smile represents a friendly, trustworthy and confident person. Unfortunately, many people feel conscious about their smiles. They are embarrassed to smile due to their imperfect teeth. This is where orthodontic treatment comes into play. At Dental Sphere-the clinic offering cosmetic dentistry in Pune, a team of dental experts work closely with every individual and conducts customized orthodontic treatments that make people proud of their smiles.


Know Why Invisalign is the Preferred Orthodontic Solution

Are you worried about your crooked or crowded teeth? Do braces impact your self-esteem? If you answered yes to any or both questions, then Invisalign may just be the right solution for you. An orthodontic product, Invisalign is custom-made clear braces that gently work upon your teeth to bring them to the proper position. As these are transparent aligners that can be taken on and off, you can carry them confidently and comfortably.


4 Simple Ways to Counter Impacts of Sweet Overdose during Festivals

Hurray! The festive season of the year is here once again and no celebration is complete without gorging on some yummy sweets and desserts. But, do you know that indulging too much in sweets without proper oral care can take a toll on your teeth? Cavity, tooth sensitivity, and other related issues may crop up causing you troubles that you may not be prepared for. So, how to avoid the situation?


3 Reasons Why Oral Health Is Of Paramount Importance For Women

Oral health plays a pivotal role in the overall wellbeing of a woman’s health. Its importance for comprehensive physical health cannot be stressed upon enough. Bad oral health patterns can prove to be highly harmful; they may bring about many negative changes to a woman’s health during her lifespan.

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