Safety Concerns about Pediatric Dentist Visit During Covid-19


As a parent, being extra cautious about your kids during pandemic is a totally genuine concern. But, kids will be kids; they may get into situations that demand you to step out from your comfort zone.

They may fall while playing and have a cracked tooth or suffer toothache due to cavity that prevents them from eating. Whatever be the case, dental health is an essential part of your child’s overall wellbeing and should not be ignored at any cost. Looking at the current restrictive environment, its best to avoid going out but if there is an emergency dental issue it’s better to get medical attention than to wait for things to get worse.

Concerns about visiting dentist during Covid 19

Most of the dental practices are open during this time although timings might differ than usual.  Necessary safety measures are being taken to ensure dental visits are safe and comfortable. All dental specialty centers including clinics and pediatric dentist in Pune are offering services while following all the safety guidelines.

Still bothered about your child’s dental visit during Covid? Well, the below mentioned pointers will give a clear idea of what to expect:

  • Only limited appointments are made per day to ensure the staff can clean the treatment area properly between each patient visit. Better, book your appointment in advance.
  • In case your child needs medical attention, you can talk to the dentist on the phone and give all the information to help the doc analyze whether the patient needs immediate treatment or can it be postponed for better times.
  • As soon as you reach you will be taken to the treatment area immediately, which has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Toys and books that earlier made reception area child-friendly are also removed to keep minimal contact.
  • Your body temperature is checked and some screening questions related to recent illness may be asked before you enter the office. If you have a recent history of COVID-19 exposure you may not be allowed in the office.
  • Masks have to be worn at all times. Dentists, dental assistants and receptionists will be wearing personal protective equipment, also known as PPE, which may also include gowns or jackets, plus face shields, hair coverings and eye protection.

Know What Qualifies as a dental emergency

  • Parents must have an understanding of the severity of their child’s dental problem. They should be mindful of pain, trauma, bleeding, braces, swelling etc that’s disturbing the child’s eating and sleeping habits.
  • At times its’ difficult for children to express their dental pain or even point the specific area that’s causing the problem. In such cases where you are unable to identify the problem area, it’s better to contact your child’s dentist. Initially you may go for a virtual consultation. This will help determine if your child requires physical check up or if the problem can be solved with a pain reliever, antibiotic or change in diet.
  • Some other forms of emergencies arise with kids who are already going through intensive treatment, such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy or bone marrow transplantation. In these cases, the patient cannot have any infection in their body as it will interfere with their medication. For instance, cavities (which are bacterial infections) or oral soft tissue infections can pose challenge to the safety and success of cancer therapy. So, these patients should get immediate dental care.
  • Some other time-sensitive cases like infants born with craniofacial abnormalities such as cleft lip and palate require pre-operative dental care before their first plastic surgery.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene to Avoid Dental Visits

  • Parents should make their kids aware of basics of dental health and ensure their children practice good oral hygiene at home.
  • Keep a control on sugary & sticky food intake as these can cause harm to their teeth and gums.
  • Children should be given toothpaste and toothbrush appropriate to their age.
  • Parents should ensure their kids do not have teeth grinding habit.

If you need any help or consultation for your kid’s oral health, connect with the top-rated child dentist in Pune from Dental Sphere. We ensure safe and hassle-free treatment that’s best for you & your child!

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