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Easy-to-Follow Tips to Keep your Oral Health at its Best!

Just as the eyes are a reflection of your soul, the mouth is the mirror to your overall well being. Your teeth, gums and tongue are integral part of your mouth that speaks volumes about your internal health. So, don’t take your oral health very lightly.Regular dental check-ups by experienced dentists like that of Dental Sphere – the trusted dental clinic in Pune and a proper oral care regime can play an important role in maintaining your overall health. Wondering what you can do for your oral hygiene?


Dental Braces Explained To The T-eeth! What To Know Before You Get Your Teeth Wired

Dental braces belong to the orthodontics wing of dentistry. And when it comes to finding the best orthodontist in Pune, the name of Dental Sphere definitely pops up. Braces are commonly used to straighten teeth that aren’t properly aligned. Using Braces will potentially straighten your teeth, fix overbite/underbite issues, and significantly improve your smile and boost your confidence. If you are planning to get your braces, you already know the reason you need them. Now the question remains, have you prepared yourself to settle those wires in your mouth for a fairly long time until you finally get that perfect smile? Read on to get an idea of what to expect before you get those braces.


Know How to Prepare Yourself for Tooth Extraction Procedure

Losing a baby tooth in childhood may have been traumatizing for some and fun for others. Not to forget, the concept of a tooth fairy helped mask the pain and replaced it with some fantastical excitement. However, the same can’t be said about losing a tooth as an adult through the extraction process. In fact, tooth extraction can be stressful for many.


4 Simple Ways to Counter Impacts of Sweet Overdose during Festivals

Hurray! The festive season of the year is here once again and no celebration is complete without gorging on some yummy sweets and desserts. But, do you know that indulging too much in sweets without proper oral care can take a toll on your teeth? Cavity, tooth sensitivity, and other related issues may crop up causing you troubles that you may not be prepared for. So, how to avoid the situation?

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