Teeth Whitening in Pune

At Dental Sphere, we use two kinds of whitening treatments. It can be done at home or at your dentist office.

Who doesn’t like brighter white teeth? Well, we at Dental Sphere give you that confidence boosting smile. There are many different methods available at Dental Sphere such as bleaching strips, bleaching pen, bleaching gel and laser bleaching. We also provide home bleaching services for our patients which whitens teeth in 10 days.

  • What teeth whitening options are available?
  • How much whiter can I expect my teeth with the final result?
  • Are there any side effects of having the whitening procedure?
  • Will my fillings/crowns whiten too?
  • Is whitening for everyone?
  • How long can I expect my teeth to stay white?
What teeth whitening options are available?

A. There are two main options –
1. Home bleaching
2. Office bleaching

How much whiter can I expect my teeth with the final result?

A. You can expect a few shades whiter than the original colour of your teeth.

Are there any side effects of having the whitening procedure?

A. Teeth whitening procedures done as per professional recommendation will have minimal side effects to teeth and gums. A slight lightening of the gums may be noticed but this is reversible and temporary. It is common to experience some sensitivity during whitening; however the symptoms can be managed with other products that help reduce the sensitivity.

Will my fillings/crowns whiten too?

A. Any existing dental restorations (i.e.: fillings, crown, veneers) will not whiten with the procedure. It is best to have a comprehensive examination and consultation with your dentist to discuss the best option for you.

Is whitening for everyone?

A. Teeth whitening may not be suitable for everyone straightaway. If there is any existing dental decay or gum disease, it is recommended to have these treated and managed before undergoing any teeth whitening procedures. Discoloured teeth due to previous trauma, endodontic therapy (root canal treatment) or tetracycline staining may not whiten and may require other treatment to achieve the desired result. Consult your dentist to get the desired result for you.

How long can I expect my teeth to stay white?

It depends largely on your lifestyle choices and what you eat and drink. Extrinsic factors such as tea/coffee intake, fruit juice, soy sauce and smoking can lead to stain build up, causing teeth to appear stained or less white. Teeth do appear more yellow as we age and this is a natural process. A shorter course of whitening may be done in the future to achieve the same initial result.

Treatment Cost

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